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Environmental Services

Environmental Remediation

PECCO, Inc. has the equipment and manpower to collect and remove your special or hazardous waste.  We employee several DOT Hazardous Materials certified drivers and can transport waste across 14 states. Utilizing walking floor trailers, rolloff boxes, and tankers PECCO, Inc. can move any volume or type of material.  

UST Removal

PECCO, Inc. started out in the Environmental business by removing underground storage tanks. Our supervisors have a combined 60 years experience in Underground Storage Tank Removal.  We follow the ever changing regulations to ensure the correct protocol is followed to remove underground storage tanks, sample the pit, and report our actions to the State Regulatory Agencies. Let PECCO, Inc. handle the process of removing underground storage tanks, quickly and correctly. 

Vacuum Services

Vac-trucks are the workhorses of our fleet. Because of their versatility they can be used on many different jobs in many different ways. Our trucks are able to pump and hold 3000-5000 gallon of materials and transport for disposal or recycling. Available in Wet-Vac or Dry-Vac to suit your individual needs.


Types of Trucks Available:

           Liquid Vac-Truck

           Liquid Vac-Tanker

           Dry Vac-Truck


Tank and Pit Cleaning

PECCO, Inc. can remove and clean any tank or pit no matter its contents or state. Using an array of equipment we can remove the contents for disposal clean the tank and restore it to normal use. PECCO, Inc. will work around your schedule to allow work to be completed when your operations are shut down normally, offering you ZERO downtime. 

Hydro Blasting

Great for removing strong bonded materials in little downtime with elimination of metal surface degradation and airborne contaminates. Works on scales and coating removal, lead paint abatement and more. 

Landfill Construction and Closure

For any landifll needs contact us and our expert staff will help you with anything you need from design to properly providing waste removal and more.

Hydro Excavation and Air Knifing

Both are great for a fast, non-destructive, cost-effective and accurate location of underground utilities. Eliminates the hassle of hand digging and PECCO, Inc. provides top grade equipment. 

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