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Environmental Transportation

Vacuum Services

Vac-trucks are the workhorses of our fleet. Because of their versatility they can be used on many different jobs in many different ways.  Our trucks are able to pump and hold 3000-5000 gallon of materials and transport for disposal or recycling.  Available in Wet-Vac or Dry-Vac to suit your individual needs. 

Liquid Waste Transportation

PECCO, Inc. has top of the line equipment to provide proper transportation of liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous, waste. Contact us for more information. 

Roll-Off Transportation
Hazardous Waste Transportation

PECCO, Inc. has the equipment and manpower to collect and remove your special or hazardous waste.  We employee several DOT Hazardous Materials certified drivers and can transport waste across 14 states.  Utilizing walking floor trailers, rolloff boxes, and tankers PECCO, Inc. can move any volume or type of material.  

Solid Waste Transportation

PECCO, Inc. has top of the line industrial equipment to properly move and dispose of solid waste. If you have any question please contact us for more information. 

PECCO, Inc. has a huge fleet of trucks to provide the proper movement of materials in Roll-Off boxes. To get more information about our Roll-Off services contact us. 

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